31 Best Things to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

Despite knowing the benefits of audiobooks, like multitasking, accessibility, we sometimes struggle to find time to listen to them. And it seems quite unproductive to just listen to an audiobook & stare at a wall. And we get confused about what to do while listening to audiobooks.

So here are the 31 best things to do while listening to audiobooks. You can do these things without hampering your listening experience.

These 31 things can be fit into three common categories we can do while listening to an audiobook. Those three categories are as follow-

  1. Listen to Audiobooks While Commuting to Work or Traveling (1-4)
  2. Listen to Audiobooks While Doing Exercise and Relaxing (5-12)
  3. Listen to Audiobooks While Doing Home Chores (13-31)

Let’s start with different activities you can do while listening to audiobooks that fall into the Commuting or traveling category.

Listen to Audiobooks While Commuting to Work or Traveling

1. Driving or Commuting to Work

When you ask “What to do while listening to audiobooks?” Driving to work is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s common and one of the most productive things to do while driving or commuting to work by bus, train, or car. Anyways, who wants to feel bored during the traffic jam or long train commute? So grab the audiobook and start listening.

2. Walk Through Airports

Whether you’ve arrived early or experienced a flight day & walking here and there to pass your time, listening to an audiobook is the most productive thing you can do!

3. During Long Flights or Bus or Train Trips

Sometimes a long flight journey doesn’t seem to have an end. You start wondering when the destination comes, staring outside the window or at other people makes you feel bored. This is the best time to open your audiobook app & start listening to an awesome audiobook.

4. Listen While Waiting in Queue at Petrol Station or Bus Stop or Airport

If you live in high population cities, you will experience waiting in queues quite often at places like petrol stations, bus stops, malls, etc. Rather than staring at random, it’s always better to put on your earphones and listen to your favorite audiobook! Here are some more things to do at the airport.

Listen to Audiobooks While Doing Exercise

5. In the Gym while doing weightlifting or workout

listen to audiobooks while exercise

Listening to an audiobook while doing repetitive workouts in the gym is the best experience I’ve ever had! It’s like you are training your muscles as well as your mind at the same time. But make sure you select the right type of audiobooks while doing exercise. I choose to prefer fiction audiobooks as it doesn’t require much attention and I can easily focus on the workout.

6. Running

Running on the ground or on the cardio machine requires effort and becomes painful after some time. Music or Audiobooks makes it easier to distract me from the pain and help me easily complete my goal for a particular day.

7. Jogging or Walking

Walking with friends in the garden? Make your walking time more productive by listening to audiobooks while jogging or walking. It’s one of the best things to do while listening to audiobook

8. Hiking

Hiking is another great form of exercise. It’s also an awesome thing to do while listening to audiobooks. You get some great views while listening to the stories from the audiobook. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Yoga

Do you love yoga? Next time try to do it while listening to an audiobook. And let me know your experience in the comment section!

10. Walk my dogs

If you have a dog, a cat, or a pet then listening to an audiobook while walking them can be a great experience for both of you.

11. Before Falling Asleep

listen to audiobooks while falling asleep

Audiobooks can really help you to fall asleep. Listening to the audiobooks while falling asleep is a great experience. But you should choose the right kind of book. I prefer to choose books that have some sort of stories like a book Who Moved My Cheese or Chop Wood Carry Water or Unposted Letter. These books are in story format, require less attention, and can help you to fall asleep easily!

12. Listen to Audiobooks if you’re looking to relax

If you are stressed out at work or just want to relax for some time, then listening to an audiobook can be a good option for you.

Listen to Audiobooks While Doing Home Chores

13. Cooking

Cooking is a daily activity. It’s repetitive so you can easily fit listening to an audiobook into it.

14. Gardening

We all like to spend time in our gardens. What if you start listening to an audiobook while gardening? Isn’t it a great combination?

15. Cleaning House

Who likes cleaning houses? For me, it’s the most boring thing I can ever do! Still, I try to make it less boring by listening to my favorite author.

16. Washing Dishes

Like cleaning the house, you can listen to audiobooks while washing dishes. Just make sure your headphones don’t slip into the sink.

17. Organizing a Bookshelf

Listen to audiobooks while organizing a bookshelf.

18. Eating

Although I would not recommend listening to an audiobook while eating but if you do watch
Television while eating then it’s always better to replace TV with an Audiobook.

19. Taking shower

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time taking shower then listening to an audiobook while showering can be a great option. Usually, I end my shower within 20 minutes, so I prefer to not take my mobile into the bathroom. Also, make sure your earphones are waterproof or listen to audiobooks without earphones in the shower.

20. Playing with Kids

If you are enjoying playing with kids then you have the option of listening to the kid’s audiobooks. You and your kids can both have fun as well as learn. So listening to an audiobook while playing with kids is a great thing to do.

21. Painting the House

listen to audiobooks while painting house

Painting a house requires a lot of effort. You can make it easy by putting on your headphones and listening to an awesome audiobook or a podcast or music. Considering the time required to paint a house, you can easily finish listening to a full audiobook. Isn’t it a great use of time?

22. Working on Hobbies like a Wood Craft

It’s great to have a hobby. More to that, it’s often a good use of time if you listen to audiobooks while working on your hobbies like woodcraft or painting.

23. Salon or Spa

You go to Salon or Spa quite often. So why not build a habit of listening to audiobooks while at the salon or spa. It can be a good use of your time.

24. Listen to Audiobooks While Taking Massage

Doing a massage is one of the relaxing things to do. You can listen to an audiobook of a self-help book like Unposted Letter or listen to a summary of chop wood carry water, which can make you more relaxed!

25. While working on repetitive tasks

Some people work in a machine shop or they work as a data entry then it has many repetitive tasks to do. So it’s always better to buzz through audiobooks and podcasts like crazy!

26. Read-Along While Listening

I’ve found that reading and listening to an audiobook is the best way to get the most out of a book. You can set the speed to 1.5X & go quickly through the book, it will help you in reading books much faster.

27. While Completing Homework or Studying

I remember the hours I used to spend doing meaningless homework at college and school. If I did have an audible subscription at that time, I’ve listened to a bunch of audiobooks while doing the homework.

28. Terrace

The terrace is the best place to spend some time alone. You can just sit and relax as well as listen to an audiobook.

29. At a Coffee Shop

Grab your best coffee & your favorite audiobook. Do you need anything else?

30. Shopping

Do you like shopping so much? You can make it more productive by listening to an audiobook while shopping.

31. Playing a Game

Another idea of what to do while listening to an audiobook is to listen to audiobooks while playing a game. If you are playing a game that doesn’t require much attention then you can easily listen to audiobooks.

What are your favorite things to do while listening to audiobooks? I would love to be here in the comments section.

Omkar Mirajgave

Omkar Mirajgave

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