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My Story (How books changed me!)

Hi, welcome to Best Book Summaries. I am Omkar, I started reading books 2 years ago & since then I have seen many changes in my thinking about life. I want you to do the same and I want to be your reading partener. Read my full story, the lessons I learned from books. 

Book Summaries Vs. Books, Which One is better?

I usually decide read books when someone recommend it or by reading a book summary. There are few points to consider about book summaries. 

  • Book summaries can’t replace books but reading a summary will help you to decide whether to read a book or not.
  • If you are running out of time, you can get key insights through a summary.
  • Book summaries are freely available. 

Why Choos Us?

  1. Get the key ideas from Books under 5 minutes.
  2. No Subscription Fee! Free for a lifetime. 
  3. Book summaries with personal life experience from me. (How ideas from books has changed my life & it can change yours as well.) 
  4. Only Actionable ideas from books. No irrelevant stuff.
  5. Audio Book Summaries are coming soon… Read (I mean Listen!) Books anywhere, anytime for free
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