How Many Pages Can You Read In an Hour?

At some point, every book lover thinks, “How many pages can I read in an hour? What’s my reading speed? Am I a Fast reader or slow reader? Is my reading speed good at all?”

Well, after reading hundreds of books, I can answer all your queries related to average reading speed. So let’s start.

How Many Pages Can You Read In an Hour?

How many pages can you read in an hour

In the beginning, the average reading speed of most readers is 200 words per minute (WPM). A book has 300-400 words on a single page; then, you can read 30 to 40 pages per hour.

As you read more books, your speed increases to 350-400 WPM, then you can read 60 to 80 pages per hour.

With more practice and a few techniques, you can reach up to 800-1200 WPM and can read 120 to 160 pages per hour.

How Long Does It Take To Read 100 Pages?

Considering the speed of 200 WPM, approximately 2 Hrs 20 minutes would require reading a 100 pages book.

Well, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered while calculating the reading speed. Also, there are a few techniques that you can implement to improve your reading speed. Let’s talk about it further.

What impacts reading speed? 4 Factors to Consider

1. Genre of Book

When I read a fiction book, I don’t even remember when I finished the book. The pages pass so quickly as I lose myself in the story of a book. When it comes to page turner books like silent patient, your reading speed reaches the top.

If you start reading non-fiction books similar to 48 Laws of Power, your reading rate will be normal as you need to learn and understand a few things.

2. Comprehension

Your understanding of the material impacts your pace. When reading complex, unfamiliar content or technical material, your reading time might increase to ensure better comprehension.

3. Subvocalization

One of the most debated aspects of reading speed is subvocalization – silently pronouncing words while reading. Research highlights that reducing subvocalization can result in a substantial increase in reading speed without significant comprehension loss.

4. External Environment

Your reading rate is affected by the external environment. If you read while traveling or in noisy places, you will get slow, and your reading time will increase compared to a comfortable, calm bedroom.

How to Improve Reading Speed?

Following 4 techniques you use to become fast reader.

  1. Deliberately reading faster
  2. Use finger pointer method
  3. Expand your peripheral view
  4. Skimming or scanning

1. Deliberately reading faster

Speed is a friend of concentration.

When driving a car at 60 KMPH, we look here and there, changing FM channels. But if you drive a car at 120 KMPH, we will look only at the road & our focus will be at its peak.

The same follows for the reading as well. When you try to read faster deliberately, your focus, comprehension, and ability to read faster automatically increases.

2. Use finger pointer method

While reading a book, use a card or finger down to each sentence & move your finger as you read. This technique will increase your speed dramatically.

3. Shorter Eye Fixation Technique

Draw 2 lines at the end & beginning of a sentence in a book. Then Hold a book a little distance from you like in the image.

This will help you limit your peripheral view to text only (and not into the space). You will do fewer eye movements, increasing the words you read per minute, resulting in higher reading speed.

4. Skimming or scanning

I use this technique a lot while reading fiction books like the alchemist. When you get into the story, you know what will happen next, so you can scan through the book, resulting in a higher reading speed.

5. Changing the book format

Experimenting with the book formats like audiobooks can help improve your reading speed. There is a hot debate around Audiobooks Vs Reading; with audiobooks, you can increase your speed to 2x.

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Now you must know how many pages you can read in an hour. Honestly, how fast you read doesn’t matter much as long as you enjoy reading. If you like our content, please subscribe to my newsletter.

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