Thanks for showing interest in Best Book Summaries. Here is my bookish story.

How I started reading books & how it changed me!

Three years ago, I started reading books, when my life was sucked. I used to watch a ton of motivational videos (Letter I leaned motivation is overrated from one book) and read Quora answers on how to change a life. But, nothing was changing. But one common thing I saw that every person has been recommending reading books.

One day while reading the newspaper, I knew about Mission Make India Read which was started by Amrut Deshmukh. He used to summarize a book in three parts and release it every week. So I started reading book summaries.

Later when I had 10 backlogs & I was at the edge of a drop I used to memorize positive quotes like “I can clear the exams”, I will win”, etc. Before exams. I had learned this technique from the book summary of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Surprisingly, I cleared the exam.

Then, I realized books can really make an impact on our life. So I decided to read books. But, I was reluctant about reading books in English as my first language is Marathi. So I started reading books in Marathi, but I was missing the awesome knowledge from English self-help and business book without realizing it.

The first semester of engineering’s Final Year passed and I realized I can’t get a job in good company as my percentage was low. So, I decided to look for other options. I started a search on YouTube and known about blogging and digital marketing.

So I started a blog on book summaries. Now, I need to read and write summaries in English. Then slowly with a new book summary I was getting good at reading books and writing summaries. Since then I have read more than 60 books & 100 book summaries.

I have learned so many things by reading books. I realized people want to read books but somehow they fail. I assume myself lucky enough that I have a reading habit. Through this website, I will definitely give some ideas about how to start reading habits and queries related to books.

Lessons I learned from Books

Don’t run behind Motivation

When you do feel motivated while going to the gym or coming from the gym? Of course, you feel motivated after the gym. Because you have taken the action. This action motivates you to do the exercise the next day. So first come action then your action creates motivation.

I learned this idea from the book the subtle art of not giving a fuck written by mark manson.

Passion is overrated

Passion is emotion. It is a feeling & it may change. You should be improving your skills, instead of looking for passion. As you become good at your work your passion will grow automatically. I learned this lesson from the book So Good They Can’t Ignore you by Cal Newport.

Don’t ask for meaning of life, create it

Think like this. Life is asking you what is meaning of your life and you have to answer it. You can create meaning by your work or by loving someone or by suffering in a bad situation. I learned this lesson from Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor K Frankl.

I can give many examples like this but I stop here. I have created a book summary page for all the learning form books. I will suggest you, go through it.

My Mission

Everyone knows how reading books is very important as it develops an overall personality, builds a strong imagination, gives many experiences. Many legends like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, etc. were avid reader.

But we are very busy and we can’t find out time for reading a 300-400 pages fat book. I have a solution to this problem!! I love reading and I read one book per week, so on this blog, I will give you a book summary that will give you the whole idea of the book in just 10 minutes!!

In this website, I will share book summaries of business books, management books, health-related books, novels, love stories, productivity tool books, spiritual books every week.

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