read and grow rich summary
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Read and Grow rich Summary: 3 key lessons I learned

The book "Read and Grow Rich: How the Hidden Power of Reading Can Make you Richer in all areas of your life" written by burke Hedges will ignite the passion for reading books. In this book, you will...
flow book summary
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Flow Book Summary- 5 lessons to create happiness

Have you experienced a feeling of emptiness even after achieving the goal like building wealth or getting slimmer? If yes then the book Flow: the psychology of optimal experience written by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is for you. After 20...
can love happen twice summary
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can love happen twice? summary by Ravinder Singh

The Book Can Love Happen Twice? written by Ravinder Singh is the sequel of the book I Too Had a Love Story that ends after the death of Ravin's girlfriend Khushi & this book ends incomplete with the...
the habit of winning
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The Habit of Winning Summary

The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer is the collection of inspiring stories with lessons from cricketer to businessman which will inspire you to unleash your full potential as well as to help others to do the same....
the war of art summary
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The war of art summary

I guarantee you have experienced a small voice coming from your head which restricts you from starting work. Especially if you are a creative person like writer, painter, filmmaker, or any professional. The war of art: Break through...
who moved my cheese summary
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Who moved my Cheese Summary

Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson is a simple, short & very interesting book based on a parable (story), which revolves around 4 characters who represent human's way of responding to changes. You will learn to adopt...
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