Top 17 Pros and Cons of Audiobooks

The idea of reading a book without actually investing more time and effort into it felt fascinating when I first got to know about Audiobooks. But when I finished listening to the first few audiobooks, I realized there are a few cons to audiobooks.

In this post, you’ll go through the pros and cons of audiobooks. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of audiobooks and physical books can help you decide which option is best for you. So let’s start with the benefits of Audiobooks.

pros and cons of audiobooks

Top 10 Pros of Audiobooks

  1. Audiobooks help you to do Multitasking
  2. You’ll know how much time it’ll take you to finish the audiobook
  3. You can finish more books a year
  4. No need for Reading Gadgets
  5. Audiobooks save you from eye strain
  6. You can carry 1000’s of books anywhere
  7. Audiobooks can help you fall asleep
  8. Better for people who can’t read books
  9. Audiobooks can help you get out of reading slumps
  10. Audiobooks are better for the Environment

1. Audiobooks Help You To Do Multitasking

The biggest benefit of audiobooks is that there are many things to do while listening to audiobook like cleaning, driving, walking, public transport, mindless day-to-day tasks, etc. You can turn your time into something worthy by listening to an audiobook.

2. You’ll Know How Much Time It’ll Take You To Finish The Audiobook

Audiobook apps like Audible or have an inbuilt feature that shows the time it requires to finish an Audiobook. Knowing the time to finish a book can help you schedule & manage your time accordingly.

3. You Can Finish More Books A Year

Do you want to finish more books this year? If yes, then go for audiobooks. They can help you out! How? It’s simple, turn the audiobook speed to 1.25 or 1.5 times. You will find it uncomfortable initially, but it will become your habit after listening for a few minutes.

4. No Need For Reading Gadgets

Listening to Audiobooks is more comfortable than reading physical hardcover books. Isn’t it more convenient! You don’t need a reading chair or book stand, night reading light, bookmarks, highlighter, etc. You will only need good earphones and your smartphone.

5. Audiobooks Save You From Eye Strain

audiobooks save you from eye strain

Do you read fewer books or avoid reading just because it makes your eyes tired? Then it would be best if you went for audiobooks. This single pro of audiobook is enough for you to choose between audiobook vs. physical book.

6. You Can Carry 1000’s Of Books Anywhere

This is one of the best benefit audiobooks give us over physical books. Who likes to carry heavy paperbacks while moving or relocating? With audiobooks, you don’t need Bookshelves to keep the books & you’ll not fall into the trap of leaving your favorite books while moving or relocating.

7. Audiobooks Can Help You Fall Asleep

Like physical books, audiobooks also help you fall asleep, provided you are not listening to heavy books like 21 Lessons for 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari or any other research-based non-fiction books. Otherwise, you may never fall asleep, hahaha 😊.

8. Better For People Who Can’t Read Books

Audiobooks are the biggest opportunity for people who have an Impairment disability and can’t read books.

9. Audiobooks Can Help You Get Out Of Reading Slumps

This one is my favorite benefit of Audiobooks! Have you ever experienced not reading books for such a long time & then going through an audiobook to get back into reading books again?

Reading slump is something that every avid book reader goes through, and it’s important to end it ASAP. You can get out of the reading slump by listening to audiobooks!

10. Audiobooks Are Better For The Environment

Audiobooks are environmentally friendly. By listening to audiobooks, you are helping in fewer tree cuttings to create paperback books and ultimately saving the environment.

Top 7 Cons of Audiobooks

  1. You’ll miss the feeling of reading physical books
  2. Audiobooks cost more than paperbacks
  3. You can’t go back and forth- it’s a painful experience
  4. You’ll not retain information for more time
  5. It’s easy to get distracted
  6. The quality of audiobooks is depended on narrators
  7. You’ll get less out of an audiobook

1. You’ll Miss The Feeling Of Reading Physical Books

con of audiobooks- you will miss physical book reading experience

When you open the book, hold it, smell the pages, the feeling is very different than putting on your earbuds and listening to audiobooks. You will miss it for sure.

2. Audiobooks Cost More Than Paperbacks

Audiobooks cost more than paperback as there are many people involved in the production of an audiobook. If you want to save some bucks, then paperback is the best option for you.

3. You Can’t Go Back And Forth- It’s A Painful Experience

Not being able to go back and forth is the worst con of audiobooks. Of course, you can go back 15 or 30 secs, but you have to listen to know whether you want to stop at a particular moment or not.

4. You’ll Not Retain Information For More Time

The more effort any activity requires, the more benefit you’ll get out of that activity. The same is with reading habits.

It would help if you had full concentration, involve your all senses like touch, eyes, need a brain to process the words, imagination to create the picture, etc. to complete the reading activity.

5. It’s Easy To Get Distracted

Since listening to audiobooks is a passive thing, it’s easy to get distracted. You can lose your concentration anytime while listening to audiobooks. For example, you can fall asleep while listening to an audiobook and miss the important message the author has for you.

6. The Quality Of Audiobooks Is Depended On Narrators

Narrators can make or break your listening experience. It may turn into the biggest con if there are multiple characters involved in the book. Also, you may or may not like the voice of the narrator and your whole experience.

7. You’ll Get Less Out Of An Audiobook

You can’t highlight the part you like the most and want to read it in the future. You can’t see any diagrams, images and skim through the book to get the gist of it. You will not get the same reading experience.

Summary List- 17 Pros and Cons of Audiobooks

Pros of AudiobooksCons of Audiobooks
Audiobooks help you to do MultitaskingYou’ll miss the feeling of reading physical books
You’ll know how much time it’ll take you to finish the audiobookAudiobooks cost more than paperbacks
You can finish more books a yearYou can’t go back and forth
No need for Reading GadgetsYou’ll not retain information for more time
Audiobooks save you from eye strainIt’s easy to get distracted
You can carry 1000’s of books anywhereThe quality of audiobooks is depended on narrators
Audiobooks can help you fall asleepYou’ll get less out of an audiobook
Audiobooks can help you get out of reading slumps

Conclusion: Audibooks Vs Paperback- Which is the Best for You?

So, books vs. audiobooks vs. ebooks- which one is better? In my opinion, it’s not a question at all. They all are just a medium to pass on a person’s wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

You can use all the mediums to your benefit. So I would recommend using audiobooks and paperback in different situations & getting the most out of them.

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