The New One Minute Manager Summary

Hello friends, this week I have come with The New One Minute Manager Summary written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Jonson. So, let’s start the new one minute manager book summary.

The Search

Once there was a young man who was searching for managers who could manage people effectively in today’s changing world. He traveled every corner of the world and met many people to know how they manage themselves as well as people they work with.

He found only two kinds of managers. One was nice and another was tough. Nice managers are those who were kind, supportive to people but their organization doesn’t get results. And tough managers are those who can give profit to the company but people under them remain unsatisfied.

Both these managers never think they need to change. According to him, they were half managers. He was looking for a manager who can manage himself as well as people under him so that both people as well as organization profit from his presence.

Finally, he found a manager with whom people love to work and the company makes a profit as well. He called the manager and immediately got an appointment. He was very excited to meet that manager.

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The New One Minute Manager

The young man arrived at the manager’s office. The manager offered him a chair to seat and asked,” What can I do for you?”. The man said,” I want to know how do you manage people in this changing world?”. “I manage and lead people with collaboration,” The manager said.

“I meet with our team every Wednesday mornings. At those meeting, we analyze previous weeks performance and look at problems they had and plans and strategies to tackle those problems. The meeting is for people to participate in making key decisions about what they are going to do next.” He added.

“Then you are a participative manager?”. “No, I am not. I don’t participate in other peoples decision.”

“Then what is purpose of your meetings?”

“To get results by drawing on the talent of people.”

So you are result oriented?”, Young man said.

“No, Neither i am result oriented nor people oriented.”

“Then what kind of manager you are?”

“People call me The new one minute manager.”

“Why people call you that?”

Because we find new ways to get great results in very little time.

Young man surprised. Seeing his face manager gave him list of his co-workers and suggested him to met and ask what kind of manager he was.

The First Secret: One Minute Goal

Young man arrived at Teresa Lee’s Office.

She started Explaining: “The first secret of one minute management is setting one minute goal”.

Young Man asked, “Why you call it one minute goals?”

She answered, “we believed that 20% of goals give 80% results that is why we write only important goals with due dates on a single page so that we can review them in a minute.

“How do you set goals?”.” At the beginning of every new task, we sit together with our manager to set goals. He listen to inputs from us and we further work together to set the goals.” Manager said.

Young man felt it was nice idea. He was very eager to know second secret.

The Second Secret: One Minute Praising

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A young man came to Puall Trenell’s Office and asked about the second secret.

He said, “the second secret is one minute praising. At the beginning of every new task, our manager keep a watch on us and catch when someone does something right. Then, he praises what you did right and how good he feels about it.”

“Then he pauses to let you feel good and encourages to keep up the good work. It takes only a minute to praise someone this helps to feel good about yourself.”

A young man fascinated by this idea and went further to know the third secret.

The Third Secret: One Minute Re-Direct

Jon Lavy Explained Third secret one minute re-direct.

When any team member does something the wrong manager gives them one-minute re-direct. First, he came to you and aware you about what you did wrong. Then he tells what will be the impact of these mistakes on an organization.

He takes a pause so that you can feel about mistakes. Then he encourage you by saying that he believes in you and you are far better than problems. Responding in such a way he adresses mistake without making you feel bad.

Young man realized that how effective manager he was! But he wanted to know why this secret works?

Why one minute Management works?

Young man came to the manager to know about why one-minute management works?

further manager explains…..

Why one minute goal works?

In many Organisation, people get feedback on their work only once in a year. when you play a game without measuring score there will be no excitement to play it. Thus setting a one minute goal, writing each goal on a page and reviewing it each day keeps people on track and motivated to keep going.

Why one minute praising works?

In the beginning of new task, when you catch people doing things correctly you are indirectly encouraging them to keep doing right. This helps people to reach their full potential and increase the profit of the company as well.

Why One-minute redirects Works?

when you find a person doing wrong and immediately notice properly about their mistakes without discouraging them, they tend to correct mistakes and proceed to perform better.

With this, we come to the end of “The New One Minute Manager Summary” written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Jonson. Hope you like it, I recommend you to buy this book. See you next week with a new summary. Till then Happy Reading.


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