1 Easy & Most Effective Tip to Get Things Done Without Motivation

You might be feeling no motivation to do things. I have gone through this “zero motivation” situation many times. Especially, when I was in the second year of engineering, I used to watch lots of Motivational Videos of Sandeep Maheshwari and other motivational speakers. But not a single thing in my life changed.

Motivational videos or motivational books rarely make any change. Only one thing can make the real change & that is taking action consistently. Before moving to the depth of this “motivation thing” let’s first understand how motivation works.

If you will understand how motivation works it will be easy for you to understand how to get things done without motivation.

How Does Motivation Work?

We usually think that the cycle of Motivation is- First Motivation then Action but it’s not the truth. The Cycle of Motivation is First Action then Motivation.

You’ve to break the sweat, overcome the initial inertia, beat the internal resistance, and take action. It will be just a start but your small actions and efforts will help you to make a little progress and when you make the small progress you will feel satisfied, and then you will be automatically motivated to complete the further task or take the next step.

To convey this concept, let me ask you one question- When you feel more motivated? Before going to the gym or after coming back from the gym?

You are more motivated when you come back from the gym because you took the action, broke the resistance, and made little progress. And the satisfaction of making little progress will motivate you to go to the gym the next day.

This is how motivation works. “Starting” is the key to get things done without motivation. Now the real question is how to get started without motivation. There is one simple trick to get started without motivation.

Get Started Without Motivation Using 2 Min Rule

Starting is the most difficult task. When you start, the finish will take care of itself. We think of any task as a whole and that’s why it seems difficult.

Example 1

Let’s say you want to read 30 pages of a book, but when you think about reading 30 pages of a book, it seems too difficult.

As per the 2 Min Rule, you can break any bigger task in 2 Mins. You just decide to read 2 pages of the book of you will read-only for 2 mins then you can do it easily. Anything above 2 mins will be a bonus!

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Example 2

Let’s say you want to create 40 slides. Creating 40 slides seems too difficult but if you decide to complete only half a slide in the next 2 or 5 mins, you will get started & when you complete the half slide you will be eventually motivated to complete few more slides as well.


At some point, you need to accept the fact that you can’t remain motivated all the time. Any job you do or any task you do become mundane over time. Getting started is the key as it builds confidence, breaks the initial inertia and resistance, builds faith and confidence & then you can move towards completing a task or goal.

I’ve learned this concept from the book the motivation myth. The book was so good that I could not resist creating a detailed The Motivation Myth Book Summary. I recommend you to read it.

Omkar Mirajgave

Omkar Mirajgave

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