can love happen twice? summary by Ravinder Singh

The Book Can Love Happen Twice? written by Ravinder Singh is the sequel of the book I Too Had a Love Story that ends after the death of Ravin’s girlfriend Khushi & this book ends incomplete with the question of what happens to Ravin’s life. This novel is about Ravin’s life after the death of his girlfriend. So let’s start a can love happen twice story summary.

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Note- If you haven’t read I too had a love story (which is the 1st part of the book series), here is the link to the book summary of I Too Had a Love Story

Can Love Happen Twice Summary

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After the death of Khushi, Ravin has written a book about his love story to tribute her which became a national bestseller. After reading his love story, everyone wanted to know how Ravin is living his life? Was he able to get him outside the shock of his dead girlfriend or is he living in trouble?

To know from Ravin himself, On the evening of valentine’s day, the Red FM of Chandigarh invited Ravin and his three friends Happy, Amardeep, and Manpreet on their show called Raat Baaki, Baat Baaki. Shambhavi was the host of this show and she wanted this show to break all records. They made an advertisement for this show and done all things to make their TRP high.

Happy, Amardeep and Manpreet reached the show without Ravin. Well, what happened with Ravin? Why was he not present there? He was in the rehabilitation center. Before knowing this fact, Shambhavi continued the show and got in trouble when one of the questions comes from the audience.

The Question was Where is Ravin and what is he doing? Amardeep answered this question, “He was going through depression as something similar happened after one year of Khushi’s death.” He continued, ”The love knocked Ravin’s door but he failed”.

Shambhavi took the break as all her script need a change when she known that Ravin could not be present there. Then happy revealed fact that they brought the Ravin’s second incomplete book Can Love Happen Twice? which will turn into a complete book after he gets back from the rehabilitation center. So Shambhavi announced that one of Ravin’s friend is reading his next book live. Happy started narrating the book.

I was living with the past history and my parents and friends wanted to move on in my life. So, I got a job and as a client’s project, I moved to Belgium with my friend Sanchit. He used to live with his wife so I got a room on rent and used to cook myself as I love Indian food. Sanchit said that the sandwich shop near my office is famous so we used to go there regularly.

One day I saw a girl with a bag on her shoulder. I feel something inside my heart. Unfortunately, I could not see her face. So I moved on to my office.

My life was going the same every day, from Office to gym and gym to home. Sometimes I used to go back in my history.

One day, In the gym, while running on a treadmill I saw a girl looking at me. I realized she was an Indian. Later I realized she looking at me because she wanted to run on the same treadmill that I was using. So she came near me and asked me,” how much longer would you take? I said, “Only 10 minutes.”

She was standing as I said to her to wait for 10 years. After 10 minutes I took a break of 2 minutes to tease her & then I stopped. She took control and started running furiously. She said she has exams and thus she was in a hurry.

So, I asked more about her and knew that her name is Siman she is from Gurgaon and she is doing her MBA & she lives in hosted near my home. After her exercise, I realized she is a little comfortable with me and we went to the same sandwich shop.

After having a meal I went to my office and she went to her hostel. But when I looked at her from back she was the same girl that I have seen that day. I was happy from inside.

Later we met the same shop frequently. By then I realized that Sanchit also knew Siman. The day came when I invited my friends from the company to my birthday party. Siman was not at my birthday party as she attending her class.

The birthday party was over and everybody went there home. I surprised when I saw Siman with her friend at my door. She and her friend wished me. I was happy that she attended my birthday. I made her comfortable and we talked more. She went to her hosted but we were chatting on mobile.

In the conversation on mobile, she knew that I had a girlfriend and wanted to know more about her in most possible details. So I invited her to my home and give her my book I too had a love story so that she will know about my girlfriend in most detail.

After reading a book she was in love with me and I realized love can happen twice. I was happy after a long time. I had come here to change my life and move on from history. Simar was that change.

We started to travel to different places with each other. Months and months passed and the day came when my work was up to end and my manager said to come back to India. Simar still had 4 months to complete her MBA. She was upset.

I came to India and started working. We used to speak on webcam but missed each other. 4 months later she came to India and she invited me to visit her home and meet her parents.

As per the plan, I went to her home. We were meeting after a long time. I met her parents. Her home was big and she was from a rich background. Her dad told me that as an only child they loved simar and she was a pampered girl since her childhood. Her dad was happy for us.

We spent time in India. Before she goes back to Belgium, I invited Siman to meet my mother at my home. She met his mother, though my home was not as big as her, I lived happily.

After meeting my mother I went with a simar to drop her at the airport. Before, we spent some time in the park.

There I talked about our Marriage plan. I wanted to marry immediately after her MBA and live in India. But somehow I noticed that simar was reluctant to marry. We had a fight over this issue. As she needs to attend her flight I stopped talking about this issue and dropped simar at the airport.

We talked on the phone the same issue for a long time. Simar wanted me to live in Belgium and do the job there. Ravin’s concern was his parents. They are getting old now and how they would adjust to living outside India. Finally, I made adjustments and agree to live in Belgium. Still, simar was reluctant about the marriage.

After talking with the simar’s father I understood that her main concern was my parents. She did not want to live with my parents. She wanted to have a luxury lifestyle. She didn’t want to cook and wear clothes she used to wear in Belgium.

I was ready to accept all things she demanded but he wanted to live with her parents. Even then Simar continued to ignore marriage. She started working for a company. She didn’t want to compromise.

Finally, I wanted to close this issue and asked her to answer in Yes or No. I shocked when she said, “I am sorry, Ravin”. Three years back Khushi left me and three hours back Simar left me.

The final words of Amardeep brought everyone back to the present moment. Shambhavi got emotional. This show made records. In the history of radio the first time, the book is narrated in a live show.

This was the second time he lost his love. He went into depression. He had not eaten a meal and not talking much as well. One day he went out of home shouting and blaming god. He runs on the road as mad and a truck went on him. People brought him to the hospital.

After spending three days in coma, the doctor said that he was out of danger and his brain is fine now. Then their friend admitted him to the rehabilitation center.

The last time when they meet Ravin they noticed that he was making progress in the rehabilitation center. He talked with his friends after a long time and he said that he will come out of this to write his second bestseller book.

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This was the end of the show for Shambhavi and her audience but not for Ravins friends. There was a twist.

Happy, Manpreet, and Amandeep come out of the radio station. It was morning. Even they did not sleep, their eyes were not showing signs of tiredness. They were going to meet Ravin in the rehabilitation center. They did breakfast and went to meet their friend Ravin.

Happy said,” I had sent a link of the Radio show to simar and she watched the entire show. When I talked to her later she was crying and she is moving to meet Ravin in a rehabilitation center at Shimla.”

With this, we come to the end of Can Love happen twice story summary by Ravinder Singh. If you want to feel every moment then I recommend you to read the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Love Happen Twice story summary?

Can love happen twice is sequal of book I too had a love story. Ravin’s girlfriend Khushi met an accident before their ring ceremony. What happen to ravin’s life after his first girlfriend khushi’s death? Did he find his second love? The book reveals this.

Can Love Happen Twice is a real story?

Can love happen twice is not a real story & it’s fictional work. The prequeal of book i.e i too had a love story is based on the true life events.

Can Love Happen Twice ending explained?

In the end of Can love happen twice book, simar listen to the ravin’s story explained by his friends on radio station & she cries a lot & went to meet ravin in rehabilitation centre.

Can Love Happen Twice quotes?

Here are the best quotes from can love happen twice-
1. “you don’t always need madly truck running on the road to kill a love story, many times people themselves are more than capable of killing thier love stories.”
2. “True love is unconditional. And if it is a ‘Conditions Apply’ scenari, then it isn’t true love. It is as good as a mutual fund…”
3. “Most of the time I found that people themselves have killed their love stories. They call it ‘break up’.”
4. “And to shape up my future it is not essential that I forget my past.”

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