The 4 factors that keep us Unsatisfied

Hello guys, I was reading a book (I will tell you name of that book later). I guarantee you have experienced the feeling of boredom or emptiness after achieving things that you were constantly striving for. I will...

Eat that Frog Book Summary

eat that frog summary Procrastination is one of the measure obstacle people facing in their life. Eat that frog written by brian Tracy has 21 simple & actionable ideas that can help you to become more productive. Brian...
the one thing featured snippet
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The One Thing Summary

The One Thing: The Surprising Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary results written by Garry Keller & Jay Papasan is an eye-opening book for me and the people who believe life is all about doing more, buying more and more....

The Miracle Morning Summary

Quick Summary- The Miracle Morning Summary is building morning rituals which include S.A.V.E.R.S i.e Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading, Scribbling which will save your life from mediocrity. The Miracle Morning Summary Ch 1- The Origin of The Miracle...
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Man’s Search for Meaning Summary

"Man's Search for Meaning" is a great book that I came across. This book is written by Victor K. Frankl who was a prisoner for three years in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. Viktor K....
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The Now Habit Summary Review PDF

We all experience procrastination and feeling of self-criticism. The Now Habit Summary will free you from this bad habit with its strategic program for overcoming procrastination and enjoying guilt-free play. So, let's start. the now habit summary image...
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